Locking together high quality applied research, capacity building and policy-focused dissemination and debate.

The centre sees a major opportunity in SDGs to contribute towards sustainable development.  Being concerned about the depletion of natural resources and energy scarcity, the Centre will seek to accelerate research work in the fields of environment and sustainable development.  We will also focus on capacity building in India’s overall environment and development strategy.

The Earth centre will:

  • Provide high-quality research, policy advice, consultancy services and tailored training – bridging the gap between research and policy;
  • Work towards developing programmes and materials to increase awareness about the sustainable development;
  • Train and equip a wide range of actors on environment friendly technologies and enterprises, and environmental services; and
  • Organise regular seminars, conferences and workshops towards knowledge translation as well as shaping policies and practice programmes


Finding environmental solutions to provide employment and training opportunities

The centre aspires to be provider of solutions for various environmental issues; and will have integrated (in built) facilities to incubate ideas and take up demonstrations to transfer technologies and practices. These facilities are used to provide practical exposure and real time experience for the trainees. In addition, proven ideas and practices will be replicated and scaled up through Green Villages.  (The green villages will be promoted one per district in Telangana state to implement the proven ideas in a commercial scale.)

The Earth centre will:

  • Build integrated facilities to incubate ideas and take up demonstrations such as eco-farm;
  • Provide high-quality trainings on knowledge generation, skill building, employment generation and expanding livelihood opportunities;
  • Work towards developing professionals and skilled people on environment friendly technologies and enterprises, and environmental services;
  • Conduct training and exposure to children, farmers, extension officers, development and environmental practitioners, entrepreneurs and firms; and
  • Organise annual Expo on technologies, practices and enterprises


Building the leaders for today and tomorrow to ensure care and protection of ecological capital

We nurture leaders driving global change. The centre will increase its focus on emerging leaders, who can contribute to sustainable development and environmental action. We will work towards enabling leaders/change agents in schools and colleges, communities, government, research and business. And they will be imparted knowledge and skills based on what we hope to receive from future: ‘New idea of life and realisation of spiritual consciousness with a strong environmental emphasis’.

The Earth centre will:

  • Support individuals through the earth leadership trainings to help increase their influence in sustainable development; and
  • Support interns/researchers to take up applied research that can make transformative development contributions