Thematic areas of work


The above activities of the centre will focus on the following thematic areas:

  • Agriculture and Environment: Working to improve the sustainability of rural livelihoods in the face of increasing social, economic and physical shocks and stresses;
  • Bio-Diversity: There will be focus on conservation of Eastern Ghats at ecosystem level; and agro-biodiversity at community level;
  • Water Sector: working on water issues with a bearing on poverty, and water and sanitation.
  • Climate Change and Energy: Supporting climate compatible development and poverty reduction by focusing on adaptation and resilience, climate finance, green growth and natural resource management;
  • Risk and Resilience: Managing risks and building resilience in relation to the impacts of climate change on poverty and development; and
  • Environmental Governance: Interventions for bringing changes in environment-related knowledge, institutions, decision-making, and behaviours.

In carrying out the work, The Earth Centre will collaborate with governments, research institutions, and global funders to develop solutions to multiply the impact.  The centre will also have technical collaboration with institutes of national and international repute.