Agenda for Action

The strategic plan ‘working towards a Sustainable Future’ will guide the Earth Centre in setting up its priorities. This plan aligns the CGR’s ambitions with global priorities, as well as the needs articulated in India.  We work across a wide range of sectors that have a direct impact on environment and climate change. An advisory group will be constituted with eminent people for providing guidance and strategic direction to the centre’s activities.  (See for names of advisors in following section).

The centre’s activities are in the realm of research and design, advisory, monitoring and evaluation, education and training, and networking.   Achieving the Earth Centre’s strategic objectives will require action in three significant ways.


  • Research and Policy in Development: The Centre will seek to accelerate research work in sustainable development with a view to contribute for knowledge generation and research-based evidence into policy-making. The centre will also take up a wide range of research studies and impact evaluations on the projects implemented by donors and government.


  • Training and capacity building: The centre will also focus on capacity building and knowledge translation activities in sustainable development. There will be equal emphasis on training for skills building and enterprise promotion with a primary focus on environmentally relevant enterprise solutions and to promote sustainable livelihoods.


  • Change agents: We nurture leaders driving global change. Earth Leaders will act as a force for providing individual and collective solutions to global and local challenges. The community is made up of leaders from all walks of life and from every stakeholder group in society.  We also foster new talent through internship programs.